Lisa Jones
Chef and Kitchen Coordinator

Skills Include

flexibility and warmth
menu planning

event coordination

zero waste

kitchen design

concept development

About lisa jones

Former chef/owner of Restaurants Cafe Love and Healthy Home Cooking, caterer and food entrepreneur since 1991, Lisa lives and cooks in the Hudson Valley where local farms and small scale producers offer the ingredients to build a beautiful meal and a vibrant community.


I believe in eating food that is grown sustainably.  I believe in working for food security and managing our kitchens  respectful of our resources. I believe food can be the foundation of a great event.

Intuition is my tool for finding the right way to provide food for your event.  Each event, person, season, meal is different and requires a unique response that is in tune with all the varying factors.  I love to engage this skill.


Food and the kitchen cultivate community.  Each gathering can be made special, not by the expense and fuss, but by honoring what is available within our reach.


Since 1991 I have explored global cuisines and healing diets to combine both into an eating experience that delights and nurtures. Whether you want vegetarian or paleo, macrobiotic or raw, or classic American comfort food, I have the experience to provide all styles and techniques and manage the meal so it all runs smoothly.